IWHR-IAHR Webinar on Wetland Ecosystems

    Wetlands play important roles in providing ecosystem services by supporting important organisms, conserving biodiversity, moderating microclimate, and promoting nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration. However, wetland ecosystems are at considerable risk from natural disturbances (climate change, invasive species, etc.) and anthropogenic stresses (reclamation, urbanization, etc.). Such disturbances, whether natural or anthropogenic, threaten wetland ecosystems not only directly by affecting primary and secondary productivity, community composition and distribution, and biodiversity, but also indirectly, by affecting natural processes by reducing habitat heterogeneity and connectivity. Concurrent with the loss of community structure and ecosystem functions is a loss of ecosystem services that degrade the quality of life of human populations. In an attempt to mitigate for habitat loss, many wetland restoration projects have been conducted. This special webinar focuses on the role of riparian, floodplain, and tidal wetlands in filtering nutrients and ameliorating eutrophication, ecological restoration and utilization of estuarine wetlands, coastal invasive species, and effects of human impacts and climate change on coastal ecosystems.

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    Invited Speakers

    Christopher Craft
    Janet Duey Professor

    Indiana University Bloomington

    Xiuzhen Li
    Professor of Ecology

    East China Normal University

    Yihui Zhang
    Professor of Plant Ecology

    Xiamen University

    Qiang He
    Professor of Coastal Ecology

    Fudan University

    Shanze Li
    Senior Engineer

    China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China

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    Please note that the webinar will be held at 0am UTC on Tue., 16th, in the American continents, it will be the Mon., 15th at that time.

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